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    Yesterday I installed the mining code on two of my websites but I’m not sure its working exactly correctly:

    First, in my account I do see stats are indeed accumulating for uniqes, hits, opt ins, and earnings, for my sites. But the hashes stat is empty. Is this normal? I can see the code appears to be running normally in the developer window when I visit the sites though.

    Second, when I visit my sites, I do not get the opt-in message at all, and I’ve tried several browsers. I’ve also tried from different IP’s. Given this, I assume any visitor does not get the opt-in message as well, yet as mentioned above, stats are accumulating. How can this be?

    I should mention my sites are “sitebuilder” sites and I can only insert the code via the “embed html” function, which I’ve done in the footer of the site. I’ve also tested by inserting code in the header and body with no difference.

    Any thoughts?

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    Blasck Huang

    About second question, the optin key will be written into cookies once you have clicked optin(countinue) in your own site or even other one’s, basically your optin key will keep alive at least 24 hours by my experience.
    So if you want to check that if the codes runs correct or not again,you have to clear browser’s cookies or load it from an incognito window ,and you should see the banner appears again ;or try using application tab in dev-tools and find if there is an value called”optin/***********….”(in the storage–>cookies section),just remove it also do the same work.

    For publishers,visitors don’t submit as many hashes as self-miners because of different difficulty.

    I think admins should give you the most correct answers.

    Please point out anything I wrote is not correct or wrong.

    Best regards

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    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

    I did clear cookies, reloaded the site, and there is still no banner.

    The stats continue to accumulate however doesn’t appear to be any mining happening.

    I’ll contact them directly to try and figure out out what’s happening.

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    Blasck Huang

    You are welcome.
    But have you accumulated more opt-ins counts than before?
    Only this value gives you the lottery tickets to get distributed rewards for publishers in each minute ,but please notice that not every opt-ins count is equal to each rewards ,finally the rate seems to get a bit lower as opt-ins counts grows up.
    I believe that it will get more obviously when more and more publishers join in further days.
    Maybe you can try load your site in guest window(for chrome) ,I still often forget to turn off adblock or nocoin…etc when testing.
    You can even put the code in some where like ,and they also works perfect.
    Also I wish admins point out if there is anything not correct.
    Best regards

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    You actually opt-in for the whole JSECoin network.

    you could opt-out here:

    I think that will show the opt-in banner again next time you load your website.

    Another way to see it is to start your browser in privacy mode.

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    There’s also this link which will clear all optin/optout preferences:

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