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    David Warrilow

    When this coin is finalized, what establishes the value of this coin? Yes it is a convenient bit of code to put on a page – but will people have any particular reason to buy these coins from the people who mined them? Bitcoin, Litecoin do have a place to spend them … what about Jsecoin?

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    Hi David,

    So our intention is to release merchant tools which will allow webmasters and ecommerce merchants to accept payments and subscriptions with JSEcoin. Creating demand other than investor speculation will be key achieving long-term value growth.

    I wrote an article about this in future use cases: https://jsecoin.com/future-use-cases/

    Kind regards,


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    David Warrilow

    Thank you for the information. If I might make a suggestion, perhaps the webmasters could be encouraged to sell advertising space to other webmasters to help drive traffic to each others sites. Possibly JSECoin would be an intermediary for this. I envision it to be as follows:

    1 – A webmaster would go to a site and add his banner to a catalogue of banners. The webmaster would specify the quantity (and duration minimum) of views that would be seen and the price that would be paid. Other information about the website being promoted would be filled in: the target audience; the industry; etc. At this juncture the webmaster would fill the wallet from which the payments would be made.

    2 – A second webmaster would go to the site and browse the banners being able to filter it so the content would be consistent with the message of their own site.

    3 – JSECoin would provide a script that would added to sites which would feed the banners.

    4 – Over time, the initial webmaster could re-enter the portal and throttle the banner views on other sites – based on the click through information tracked by JSECoin.

    I think that you get the point. While I did indicate that JSECoin might have a role in this, it doesn’t have to be JSECoin. I would suggest that any site offering this service have a good relationship with JSECoin, it is in all our best interests to have a strong JSECoin community.

    A second point that I though I could mention to you would be an option to have a means of splitting the earnings to multiple accounts. I am currently working on a SaaS application which could be like an online media outlet. I am wanting to split the revenue stream between the Saas site and the host of the content. It would be ideal if the percentage of the split of revenue could also be added.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    David Warrilow

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    JSE Admin

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the suggestion. The first part is a good idea and I think that this would be a great way to create demand for JSEcoin post-ICO.

    The second point I’ve done a blog post with a few options on how to split earnings between users:


    Basically for two users you could use javascript to rotate the userID (code in blog post).

    Thanks again for taking the time to suggest this,


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