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    what if you missed the hype?

    if you have a look at last 30 days monthly CMC volume per coin you see many traded a multiple volume of their whole MC

    pretty crazy given most of these coins have no product and can’t even used for payment or any commerce other than crypto exchanges itself

    the todays crackdown on Chinese miners might be FUD but also be marking a big investment wave to settle

    Why do you wait so long for the ICO aren’t you afraid you won’t be even able to run it in the end in an over regulated future?

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    JSECoin is a uniq project with only one competitor called Nimiq. Tons of coins on the ICO markets have no real features at all. I’m not worried at all about the potential of the ICO 😉

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    There are more competitors in markets other than Nimiq . Hadron, sparechange, Electroneum to name few. I wish JSE coind speeds up things and take initiative as soon as possible. I did not invest in presale as I was short of funds but I have mined few JSE coins. I hope JSE coins will not get entangled into their developer mode where they are doing extraordinary things and forget financial aspect and real wolrd usage. If they dont launch ICO and their product soon there are others out there to capture market.

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    No doubt JSE Coin is in a strong position due to;

    1. Genuine use case as an online advertising disrupter in a multi-billion dollar market (unlike so many other peer to peer payment clone altcoins).

    2. Having a working product that has been running since Summer 2017 – this should not be underestimated as so many other altcoin ICOs have been based on undeveloped concepts without working code.

    In my mind however the ICO should be executed as soon as possible for the sole reason of ensuring enough funds are in reserve for continued development of the project, even if the wider crypto market collapses.

    Waiting another 6 months or so seems an extremely risky ‘all or nothing’ bet in the current environment and the project is already proven and advanced enough for an ICO.

    Best of luck JSE Team and supporters!

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    JSE Admin

    Hey everyone thanks for your comments. I agree the sooner we can get to ICO the less risk there is of regulation coming in or investor sentiment shifting. As a project we only get one shot at ICO and this has to raise the funds to build a project/company/development team/marketing traction, pretty much everything. So it’s pretty important to the long-term hopes for this project that we raise the maximum possible amount to give us a war chest for the future.

    Some of the development we are doing now is essential to the ICO process. The solidity contract and web3 integration for example are required to sell tokens at ICO and integrate with exchanges afterwards so users can trade their tokens. Other things like the database migration are harder to justify because it’s something we don’t need to do right now and it’s all on the back-end so users/investors can’t see any changes to the platform. They are important though because the last thing we want to do is start marketing again, have the project take off and not be able to handle the increased volume, or worse have security issues when the token hits exchange.

    I think there’s a balance to be made with getting the project ready as fast as possible and also not rushing it to the point where we go to ICO and aren’t ready. Right now in the UK it’s 8am on a Saturday and the core team are all working which makes me proud and confident that we are doing everything we can to push this project forwards as efficiently as possible.

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